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Your Reliable Partner for Industrial Fuels & Feedstock

Your reliable partner
for industrial fuels and feedstock

Renelux Cyprus Ltd operates in the international trade of a wide range of industrial fuels and feedstock for cement plants, power production plants, steel and aluminium plants and other key industries.

Renelux supplies the industrial organizations with high quality Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF), Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) as well as other types of Alternative Fuels. In addition, Renelux provides the industrial organizations with value added agency services for sourcing and procurement of Green Petroleum Coke and Steam Coal of various grades, directly from the End Producers.

In direct cooperation with world renown producers in USA, European Union, Middle East, Russia, Latin America, Indonesia and South Africa, Renelux serves the Global Industry with a variety of industrial fuels and feedstock, that meet the highest quality standards.

Renelux industrial fuels are available through spot product offerings and/or term agreements, to assure consistency and continuity of supply, to the benefit of its clients. Delivery options include CFR and DAP to any safe destination in the world.


12-16 November 2018
Renelux offers brokerage services to renown European distributors of solid fuels concerning the procurement of US origin MS fuel grade petcoke to the European market.

6 November 2018
Commencement of ECOMONDO and KEY ENERGY Green Technologies expo in Rimini, Italy.

6 November 2018
Publicization of Renelux Cyprus Ltd audited financial statements for the fiscal year 2017.

24 October 2018
Renelux submits an FCO to VICAT Group for the supply of TDF originated from Greece and other Balkan countries.

26 September 2018
Renelux and Petroltechnica Group meet in Milan to discuss the opportunities of cooperation with reference to exporting Italian origin SRF to East Mediterranean markets.

5 September 2018
Signing of an NCNDA between Renelux and HC Trading of Heidelberg Cement Group with reference to sourcing Alternative Fuels for the Group's cement plants that are located in the East Mediterranean region.

13 July 2018
HS & MS fuel grade petcoke price continues to increase. June 2018 index price is Ca. 16.7% higher compared to January 2018.

12 July 2018
Renelux signs a Mandate agreement with K-Eng in order for K-Eng to develop Renelux sources of SRF, RDF and TDF in the Italian market, to satisfy the increasing requirements of Renelux clientele in the East Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East markets.

21 June 2018
Renelux offers Italian origin SRF to Heidelberg Cement Group, delivered to client’s destination via dry bulk vessels, on term agreement basis.

11 April 2018
Renelux expands its coal resources in the Russian market, adding new High Calorific Value - Low Ash Thermal Coal to its product offerings.

16 March 2018
SGS issues Certificate of Analysis for Renelux's Greek origin TDF, that is intended for export to Middle East.

15 March 2018
Petcoke prices continue to increase during February 2018. In fact, as of December 2017 until February 2018, the average rate of increase of the relevant High Sulfur Green Petroleum Coke indexes is $9 per month.

10 March 2018
Renelux negotiates with Total Gas & Power a series of fuel grade petcoke cargoes for the Indian market.

28 February 2018
Renelux expands its TDF resources in the Italian market to meet the requirements of its new industrial clients in Middle East and Far East.

13 December 2017
The Supreme Court of India allowed the cement industry to use petroleum coke, which had temporarily been banned as pollution levels shot up in Delhi last month.

31 October 2017
NLPC Investments acquires a steak of Renelux Cyprus Ltd share capital.

21 July 2017
Completion of loading of a 55.000MT cargo of high Sulphur fuel grade Green Petroleum Coke at Yanbu Port, Saudi Arabia. Renelux operates as a sourcing Agent for The India Cements, one of the leading cement manufacturers in India.

Industrial Fuels & Feedstock for the Cement Industry


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