Renelux supplies selectively mined and processed high-quality sodium based bentonite, designed to meet the requirements of various applications including civil engineering applications in relation to underground works and drilling, application as a binder for all kind of pellets in pelletization industries, as well as applications that are related to fertilizer industries such as Sulphur Pastilles Binding & Dispersing Agent for all kind of Micro nutrients.







Geo Synthetic Clay Liner Bentonite

Our Indian origin GCL Bentonite is selectively mined and processed high-quality sodium based bentonite powder to ensure a low permeability containment product ideally suited to applications of landfill containment. It is chemically modified bentonite powder which will generally give higher swell index values and lower fluid loss numbers when added with polymers. Generally, the calcium content must be kept to minimal levels as calcium montmorillonite has a much lower swelling potential than sodium montmorillonite. BENA-GCL does not contain any Fermentable Product and is Environmentally Acceptable.

Important Characteristics & Advantages:

  • High Swelling Index
  • Lower Fluid Loss
  • Very high active surface area


Montmorillonite Content   Min 85%
Water Absorbtion   550-600%
Swell Index ASTM D5890 Min 26ml/2gms
Fluid Loss ASTM D5891 Max 18ml
Moisture Content (% by wt)   Max 13%-14%
Bulk Density   1.05-1.15 g/cm3
Sand Content/grit   Max 2.5%
Distribution of Grains WET METHOD - 200mesh Below 0.5mm: Max 3%
0.5mm-1.4mm: Min 98%
1.4mm-3mm: Max 1%
Download specks in PDF:


25 Kg HDPE/PP Bags
Size: 48 x 71 cm
With Liner: 75-80 gr
Without Liner: 60-65 gr
50 Kg HDPE/PP Bag
Size: 61 x 81 cm
With Liner: 115-120 gr
Without Liner: 80 gr
25 Kg Brown Paper Bag
Size: 48 x 71 cm
With Liner: 100-110 gr
50 Kg Brown Paper bag
Size: 61 x 81 cm
With Liner: 130-135 gr
1000 Kg Jumbo Bags
Size: 90 x 90 x 110 cm
With Liner: 2.2 Kg
Without Liner: 1.8 Kg
1250 Kg Jumbo Bags
Size: 95 x 95 x 120 cm
With Liner: 2.4 Kg
Without Liner: 2.0 Kg
1300 Kg Jumbo Bags
Size: 97 x 97 x 125 cm
With Liner: 2.4 Kg
Without Liner: 2.0 Kg
One Jumbo Bag on One Pallet
Pallet Size: 99 x 99 cm
Weight: 15-17 Kg

Two Jumbo Bags on One Pallet
Pallet Size: 107 x 107 cm
Weight: 17 Kg


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