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Used  tires  or  TDF are  one  of  the  most  readily  useable  and  highest  heat  content wastes available. TDF is produced from shredded tires from cars and trucks. Its calorific value ranges typically from 7.500 kcal/kg up to 8.000 kcal/kg. Renelux serves the global industry with top quality TDF originated mainly from the European Union and USA.

Environmentally, TDF is much similar to coal and better in some aspects like sulphur content. Typically, TDF has 0.5% to 2.0% sulphur; this is same as superior quality coal and less than most coal and coke types. TDF can reduce fuel cost to industries and can help industries reduce the potential carbon tax.

On January 2019, Renesolids SMPC, a member of Renelux Group carried out one of the largest transboundary shipments of waste ever done from Greece and Balkans to EU and OECD destinations. It was a dry bulk cargo shipment of 1.000 Metric Tons of Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF) in the form of tire shreds 90mm x 90mm. The port of loading was Eleusis Greece and the port of discharge was Gemlik Turkey.

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Sizing Options:

3.6 inches 2 inches 1.2 inches Powder


Main Origins:


Renelux delivers TDF in terms CFR/CIF to any EU and OECD country, as per EC Regulation No. 1013/2006 (Annex VII). Cargoes can be containerized or dry bulk (full vessel loads).   

Cargo inspections are carried out by qualified international cargo inspection companies.  

Typical Qualities

Parameter Units AR Standard
Moisture w-% 0.70 DIN EN 15414-2
Sulphur w-% 1.30 DIN EN 15408
Volatile Matter w-% 56.10 DIN EN 15402
Fixed Carbon w-% 18.80 DIN 51734
Calorific Values
Gross CV MJ/kg 31.84 DIN EN 15400
Net CV MJ/kg 30.61 DIN EN 15400
Gross CV kcal/kg 7604 DIN EN 15400
Net CV kcal/kg 7312 DIN EN 15400
Gross CV MWh/t 8.843 DIN EN 15400
Net CV MWh/t 8.503 DIN EN 15400
Gross CV BTU/Lb 13687 DIN EN 15400
Net CV BTU/Lb 13161 DIN EN 15400




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