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Renelux Commodities PC is a distinguished trading house specializing in the global markets of solid fuels, cementitious materials, and various bulk commodities essential for the Cement Industry, the Steel Industry, and other pivotal sectors.


Our extensive footprint encompasses key markets such as India, Pakistan, the Middle East, the European Union, the USA, Turkey, and West Africa. Renelux proudly serves renowned clients, including but not limited to the Heidelberg Group, VICAT Group, The India Cements, CIMSA, AKCANSA, CARBON RESOURCES, INDIA CEMENTS, ELINOIL, THRACE PLASTICS Group, and IVANO-FRANKIVSK CEMENT, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


With a focus on quality, consistency, and post-sales support, RENELUX fully meets the needs and requirements of its partners with dedication, consistency, and reliability.



Code of Conduct

As Suppliers of renown multinational industrial organizations, we respect the principles of our Customers’ Code of Conduct rules and we adopt practices that are consistent with those  rules.

Our Code of Conduct seeks compliance with international social accountability standard SA 8000 and environmental standard ISO 14001 and the principles of the International Labor Organization. It also acts as a basis for all contractual relationships with our customers and our suppliers.