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Top Quality Wood Pellets Certified as per ENplus A1

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Renelux Commodities offers high-quality pellets for residential use in the European market. These pellets are certified according to ENplus A1, ENplus A2, and DINplus standards. Renelux wood pellets are available via affiliated distributors at specific sales locations.


Additionally, Renelux caters to the needs of the cement industry and other industrial applications. We provide high-performance wood pellets and pellets made from agricultural residues. These products are certified according to ENplus B, DINplus, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.


We place a strong emphasis on quality, consistency, and post-sales support, ensuring we meet the needs and requirements of our partners with dedication, stability, and reliability.










Pellet Beypel


Pellet Beypel from 100% coniferous wood
certified as per ENplus A1


Pellet Enerver


Pellet Enerver, the first ENplus A1
certified wood pellet in China


Pellet Pinocella


Tunisian origin top quality
wood pellet


Producers' Certifications







High-energy efficiency pellets from Beypel, originating from Turkey, made from 100% coniferous wood. They have a high calorific value for better energy performance and a low ash and dust content that reduces equipment maintenance needs.

Beypel has been active in the energy sector since 1994. Since 2020, it has been producing the cleanest pellets in the industry. Beypel's production capacity exceeds 15,000 tons per year.