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Limestone plays a crucial role in the production of cement. Around 80-90% of the raw material used in cement production is limestone. It serves as a fundamental component in the formation of cement clinker. The limestone is softer than the clinker, which means it grinds preferentially. As a result, the cement produced has a better particle size distribution with less energy required.


Unlike other additives, limestone does not undergo calcination during production. This means it releases less waste into the environment. Additionally, the limestone content in modern Portland cement can be up to 5%. The resulting cement performs at least as well as those without limestone, while contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Renelux Commodities supplies industrial-grade limestone sourced from Greece and other countries. Our limestone products are customized for the cement and steel industry and are available in various size ranges.










Greek Origin Limestone


Quality Specification


Calcium carbonate (CaCO3): 95-97%
Iron Trioxide (Fe2O3): 0.4-1.4%
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2): 0.8-1.9%
Aluminum Trioxide (Al2O3): 0.3-0.8%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO): 0.3-0.7%
Chromium Trioxide (Cr2O3): 0.01-0.08%
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Delivery & Logistics


Terms of delivery
FOB Port Vrysaki & Port Larymna (Private Ports), Greece, or CFR/CIF to Any Safe World Port
Shipment size
Up to 25,000 MT from Port Larymna
Port(s) of loading
Port Vrysaki & Port Larymna (Private Ports), Greece
Packaging options
Loose bulk