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28 March 2024: Renelux Unveils Revamped Website (V5): Elevating User Experience and Accessibility

23-25 February 2024: Renelux Exhibited at Climatherm Energy 2024 in Athens, Greece

14 February 2024: Renelux Introduces Indian-Origin Bentonite Clay to European Market for Geotextile Production

29 January 2024: Draft Renelux Financial Statements - YoY Revenue Growth 79,50% in 2023 vs 2022

12 January 2024: Renelux’s Steady Supply of NIS Coke: From Greece to the Mediterranean

29 November 2023: Completion of Shipments for Import of Anthracite Fines and Lumps to India

1 November 2023: Renelux Secures Exclusive Rights for BEYPEL’s ENplus A1 Wood Pellets in Southeast Europe

12 October 2023: Renelux Facilitates SRF Waste Export Agreement from EU

19 May 2023: Renelux Completes Registration as a Direct Buyer of Sulfur with Oil Refinery Group Motor Oil Hellas

8 March 2023: Renelux Commodities Expands Capital and Forms Strategic Partnership with Private Equity Fund

28 February 2023: Impressive YoY Revenue Growth 833,29% in 2022 vs 2021

24 January 2023: Office Relocation




Welcome to Renelux


Renelux Commodities PC is a distinguished trading house specializing in the global markets of solid fuels, cementitious materials, and various bulk commodities essential for the Cement Industry, the Steel Industry, and other pivotal sectors.


MT of bulk commodities shipped in 2023 through Renelux channels
Sourcing countries
Oil refineries in direct cooperation
MT Renelux largest petcoke shipment






What We Do


We provide industrial organizations with a meticulously crafted portfolio of high-quality products. These products meet and exceed the most stringent international standards. Our portfolio includes conventional and alternative solid fuels, cementitious raw materials, and other essential bulk commodities crucial for the success of the global industry.





Our Commodities




We supply industrial organizations with conventional and alternative solid fuels, cementitious raw materials, and other essential bulk commodities crucial for the success of the global industry.







Our Global Network


In implementing our strategic approach, Renelux excels by establishing robust partnerships with global mining companies, oil refineries, waste recyclers and key industry producers that span over 28 countries.





Renelux at Climatherm Energy 2024

Athens, Greece, February 27, 2024 - Renelux Commodities, P.C. showcased its flagship product, BeyPel Pellet, with resounding success at the CLIMATHERM Energy Exhibition held from February 23rd to 25th, 2024, at the Athens Metropolitan Expo. BeyPel Pellet, an ENplus A1 certified wood pellet, demonstrated Renelux Commodities, P.C.'s competitive edge in delivering top-tier sustainable energy solutions.

As the highlight of Renelux Commodities, P.C.'s presence at the exhibition, BeyPel Pellet attracted significant attention from attendees, solidifying its reputation for quality and sustainability in the industry. Renelux Commodities, P.C. leveraged this opportunity to engage with industry professionals and stakeholders, showcasing the superior performance and efficiency of BeyPel Pellet compared to traditional alternatives.

"We are thrilled with the success of BeyPel Pellet's exhibition at the CLIMATHERM Energy Exhibition," remarked Yiannis Daskalakis, CEO and Commercial Director at Renelux Commodities, P.C. "The positive feedback we received underscores our competitive position in providing innovative and environmentally friendly energy solutions. BeyPel Pellet exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and sets the standard for excellence in the industry."



Wood Pellets for Residential Heating

Renelux Commodities offers on the European market, high-quality pellets for residential use, certified according to ENplus A1, ENplus A2, and DINplus standards. Renelux wood pellets are available through affiliated distributors at selected sales points.

Additionally, Renelux meets the needs of the cement industry and other industrial applications with high-performance wood pellets and agricultural residues which are certified according to ENplus B, DINplus, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.

With a focus on quality, consistency, and post-sales support, Renelux fully meets the needs and requirements of its partners with dedication, stability, and reliability.