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Pellet Beypel

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Pellet diameter: 6 mm +/- 1mm
Pellet length: 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm
Bulk Density: 600 ≤ BD ≤ 750 kg/m³
Ash content: ≤ 0,70 %
Mechanical durability: ≥ 98,0 %
Calorific value: ≥ 4,6 kWh/kg
Moisture content: ≤ 10,0 %
Ash Softening Temperature: ≥ 1200°C
Fine Particles (<3.15mm): ≤ 0.5%




Full of Advantages!


ENplus-certified pellets have minimal levels of unwanted minerals and moisture. This ensures optimal performance for your appliance while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.
Pellets, in comparison to fossil fuels, offer greater affordability and are convenient to transport and store.
Higher calorific value.
Immediate delivery to the customer's destination.
After sales support by Renelux.



Product code: PLBP001


The product is certified by the producer according to ENplus A1 (PETKOK KOMUR - TR 014).


Beypel ENplus A1 wood pellets, crafted from 100% coniferous wood, boast exceptional energy efficiency. These pellets offer a high calorific value, ensuring optimal performance in stoves and pellet burners. Additionally, their low ash and dust content minimizes maintenance requirements. Originating from Turkey, Beypel Pellet has been supplying the international market with premium-quality, clean pellets since 2020.



Packaging & Logistics


Retail packaging: 15 kg bags
Bags per pallet: 90
Pallet weight: 1350 kg
Pallet dimensions: 120*100*210cm (LxWxH)
Transport medium: 40' container (40ft)
Pallets / 40ft 20
Quantity / 40ft: 27 tons
Bags / 40ft: 1800






Made from 100% coniferous wood (virgin wood and non-chemically treated wood residues).



ENplus A1